Acupuncture, mindfulness and dream work creating space for healing and personal growth

Chinese Medicine is a holistic system of treating dis-ease based on a philosophy that never separated mind and body, understanding that the two are inextricably entwined. READ MORE

Using mindful inquiry we will explore physical symptoms, thought patterns and/or emotional feelings and how they are connected and experienced in your body and mind. READ MORE

Examining your dreams can reveal a source of wisdom that is pointing toward health and wholeness, giving you access to unrealized potential. READ MORE

Sonoma County Acupuncturist
Katherine Pearce, L.Ac.
(707) 481-1635

Offices in Santa Rosa & Forestville

With awareness in the mind and relaxation in the body comes the untangling of stress and unhealthy patterns of thought and action leading to aliveness, health, creativity, and a developing sense of meaning and growth. Many people experience a deepening of relationships with others and themselves.

"I'm so grateful for Katherine. She has helped me in so many ways. And the emotional and physical approach is why I keep coming to her. "

—Neva, Santa Rosa